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Sweet Dream Succubus: Nightmare Edition (NSFW Review)

Source: Cashmoneys
Price: £1.69
Where To Get It: Steam

Content Warning: There is a succubus in the game. This means implied mind control elements and life-draining sex. Otherwise, it’s… MF sex, throughout.


Let’s Talk Adult Only Games – Steam’s Inconsistent Stance

Content Warning: This article discusses adult only games with content you may find problematic (and some of which definitely is), such as nonconsensual sex, sexual depiction of minors, and fantastical kinks such as mind control, vore, and the like. There are no images of such content in this article, although there are images of BDSM content.


Blood Pact (NSFW Review)

Content Warning: This game involves domination/submission, a tentacle encounter, hard oral sex (facefucking), some degradation, fantastical amounts of cum, one light mind control element, and a trans-lesbian encounter. The game also presents these content warnings as an option before play, and it is recommended you read them beforehand.


Forging A Blood Pact: An Interview with Ana Valens and Callie G

Content Warning: The interview below discusses Blood Pact, a game with Domination/Submission themes, some tentacles, a succubus goddess, a lust spell, and other elements not discussed in the interview, but available both in the review’s content warning, and the content warning page of the game itself.


A Harmless Bite (NSFW Review)

Big ol’ Content Warning! Although this game does take an interesting and nonfatal approach to its kink (hard vore, aka “Person gets eaten, and not whole”), it does involve the aforementioned fantastical kink, and, as a result, gore, sometimes heavy gore, although no depictions of this are in the article. You have been warned.